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Attorney Walker has extensive experience practicing before the NH Supreme Court, reported cases include:
D’Amour v. Amica, 153 NH 170
Allen v. Sentry, 137 NH 579
Universal Underwriters v. Allstate, 692 A.2d 515
Thompson v. Forrest, 614 A.2d 1064
Lemay v. Burnett, 139 NH 633
Migdal v. Stamp, 132 NH 171
Cheshire Toyota-Volvo v. O’Sullivan, 132 NH 168
Thone v. Liberty Mutual, 130 NH 702,
Unpublished cases include:
Sovereign Bank v. Rockingham Toyota, (decided 12/2006)
Electric Insurance Co. v. Emond
Zimarowski v. Amica Mutual
Helie v. Performance Marketing, (decided 6/10/2008)
Haymond v. Ideal Consolidated Services (decided 5/17/2012)
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